Homeland, Season 2

Homeland, Season 2


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2012-09-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
From 1,112 Ratings


Months after the dramatic events that prompted Carrie to undergo Electroconvulsive Therapy, the former CIA case officer has found a modicum of peace in her family’s suburban embrace. But the strides she’s made towards mental health are threatened when an asset from her former life comes in from the cold. Meanwhile, freshman Congressman Nick Brody discovers that Abu Nazir may not be content with his nonviolent approach to affecting change in American foreign policy.


Title Time Price
1 The Smile 55:20 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
2 Beirut Is Back 48:20 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
3 State of Independence 54:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
4 New Car Smell 49:06 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
5 Q & A 56:16 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
6 A Gettysburg Address 49:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
7 The Clearing 52:27 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
8 I'll Fly Away 51:32 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
9 Two Hats 47:46 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
10 Broken Hearts 47:53 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
11 In Memoriam 52:15 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
12 The Choice 1:05:04 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
13 A Super 8 Diary by Damian Lewis 11:05 Season Only Watch on iTunes



  • 5/5

    By Really awesome show
    i can say proudly that i pay 30 dollar for great show.
  • Please , more! I love This show!

    By My Best movie
    Yes, more,please!
  • Skip 79 seconds of all episodes

    By Matt Langston
    Skip the first 79 seconds (1:19) of every episode to get to the actual content. The average consumer shouldn't have to pay this advertisement tax, since it is simply a list of credits (i.e. a resume) that are only valuable to people in the business and hardcore aficionados.
  • Not as good as Season 1, but still great

    By DanofOAK
    This season is not quite as unique or fascinating as Season 1 (which was remarkable), but it’s still great television. There are more fast-paced changes in plot direction (some of them quite bold) and more action scenes, although the show still focuses on human relationships. The season ends well, setting up Season 3 nicely. Damien Lewis, Claire Danes, and Mandy Patinkin continue to be some of the best actors on television during this season.
  • Yes - when can we see Season 3 in the U.S.?

    By Momdogz
    Waiting (im)patiently.
  • Awesome!!! A New Favorite!!!

    By ShoppaHaulic
    Love love love this show!!! Thank you!!! It is probably not for those who are offended by or don't like a lot of strong language; however, it's use definitely adds "effect" & reflects the unique show's style, & the style of the very welI-developed, incredibly well-acted characters. And, I imagine, does add a realistic portrayal of how it probably really is in their line of work. But for everyone else... This show has a well-balanced pace & depth of characters & it simply ROCKS!!!
  • Addicted

    By Mgw1717
    Unique plot and awesome characters make for a killer show! Definitely check it out
  • Terrible series

    By AlwaysMyst
    Don't watch and make yourself a favour.
  • Unpredictably Intense

    By jameyfrank
    I appreciate how Homeland’s story line is completely unpredictable, as are the actions of the characters. They walk the fine line between right and wrong, and the viewer can easily see both viewpoints, thinking “what would I do?” Claire Danes and Damian Lewis continue to make sometimes excruciating choices which events around them take unexpected twists and turns. No show ends the way you think it will. The dialog, writing, acting, and characters are all well thought-out, entirely believable, and the show is 100% adult, assuming that intelligent viewers watch and appreciate a well-crafted thriller.
  • Season 3?

    By Andrew Puckett
    Love The Series. great drama