Vikings, Season 6

Vikings, Season 6


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-12-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 11
  • iTunes Price: USD 34.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 39.99
From 3,801 Ratings


Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sages of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods, legend has it that he was a direct descendent of Odin, the god of war and warriors.


Title Time Price
1 New Beginnings 45:41 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
2 The Prophet 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
3 Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
4 All the Prisoners 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
5 The Key 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
6 Death and the Serpent 45:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
7 The Ice Maiden 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
8 Valhalla Can Wait 44:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
9 Resurrection 45:11 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
10 The Best Laid Plans 48:41 USD 1.99 Watch on iTunes
11 Vikings Season 6 Trailer 02:38 Season Only Watch on iTunes



  • 6B — 10 more episdoes

    By Jay Schufman
    We paid $40 for 20 episodes! All episodes of Season 6! I want my additional episodes!!!
  • Where is it!

    By LlewellynPhotography
    I want the rest of the season that I PAID FOR
  • Why Amazon prime?!

    By Cohu35
    Don’t get me wrong I love VIKINGS there part of History! Amazon prime wasn’t even thought of! You don’t see great heathen army the history of the great heathen army on Amazon prime All of the seasons expect the last ten we’re on history channel When you start something you finish it!
  • Where's the second half?

    By Swaneer
    Where is the second half of the season? I paid for the full season but only got 10 episodes. The rest (another 10 episodes) are available on Amazon Prime right now.
  • Where is Part B

    By FiveG
    Why is the second half of Season 6 on Amazon Prime as of 12/30, but it’s not released to those of us who bought season passes?
  • Sad Saga

    By FlipTheBastard
    It’s an absolute shame Micheal Hirst couldn’t get out of his own way. A show that had four amazing seasons concludes so poorly. Hirst forgot what made Vikings such a huge hit and decided to change directions to the characters inner demons. While that’s not a bad thing if in moderation, but every character is just running away from the past. The best characters are dead and dying. Hirst will not get into Valhalla.
  • greatness is always misjudged

    By getyoureelf
    the epic turn of the great saga on how his sons were just still carrying his torch even if they did not want to.
  • $40 bucks...

    By TBS8541
    $40 bucks... I guess I’ll watch on YouTube, that pricing is ridiculous.
  • Not paying $40

    By Tony 2Toes
    Are you people insane!?! Go broke Hollywood
  • My opinion after watching 10 episodes.

    By Reviewmasta1
    Beauty of Vikings is how few of the most prominent vikings in history were united into a group of people who are family and closest friends. Therefore adding personal relationships into history-changing decisions. Rollo and Ragnar, Ragnar and Bjorn, Rollo and Bjorn, Ragnar and Floki. Ivar and Bjorn, so many intense relationships in historically rich time of Dark Ages, unification of England, founding of Iceland, formation of Normandy, Christianization of Scandinavia. Why did they need to add Kievan Rus in the mix?! During times of Oleg the Prophet (end of 9th century) Rus was spreading towards massive fertile lands in the East and South. Norway was more than thousand miles to the North... Why would they need to send an army there. To win what? Poor lands too far away to hold and too wild and infertile to colonize? I realize that Russians are ultimate enemy in Holywood, but that's just lazy writting. Second grief with the start of the season is total loss of it's roots. Whats going on in England with the whole Viking settlement in South and massive invading force in the North of the country? What about Frankia? Franks just lost a huge deal they had with Ivar and they do not try to make a new one with new and exausted regime for what reason? What about Iceland or persuit of new lands? Last but not least is the grief about characters. Lagatha retirement and death was as useless as her life - she won no fame, left no legacy. Bjorn lost everything - election for the king, all children, wife and eventually life itself. It was brutal way to kill of two main characters. Hollow words about how much Lagatha did for women of Scandinavia (wow, Dark Age Political Correctness...) or how much people love king Bjorn do not help.