Descendants 3

Descendants 3

Descendants 3

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2019-07-22
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 9
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
From 46 Ratings


Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it's up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.


Title Time Price
1 Descendants 3 1:46:24 Season Only Watch on iTunes
2 Music Video: Good To Be Bad 03:41 Season Only Watch on iTunes
3 Music Video: Queen of Mean 03:25 Season Only Watch on iTunes
4 Music Video: Do What You Gotta Do 02:56 Season Only Watch on iTunes
5 Music Video: Night Falls 03:26 Season Only Watch on iTunes
6 Music Video: One Kiss 02:29 Season Only Watch on iTunes
7 Music Video: My Once Upon a Time 03:03 Season Only Watch on iTunes
8 Music Video: Break This Down 03:35 Season Only Watch on iTunes
9 Trailer 01:30 Free Watch on iTunes



  • 😎😎 cute butt

    By Modqasimm
    Cute butt descendants
  • Yes!

    By ❤️Games!!!
    I loved it! Both happy and sad at the ending for me though Iv’e grown up with Descendants for the past 5 years! I hope the continue the book series!!!!! I definitely recommend it! It truly is the best disney channel movie. Also don’t give one star unless you hated the movie! The stars are about how the movie was not about how it needs to be released. Anyone else want a 4th one? #Queenofmean #Letsmakeit4
  • This movie is awesome

    By Grant Lorenzen
    Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson and Sarah Jeffory I know King Ben and Queen Dove Cameron are awesome in the movie And maybe next movie Be cool Sofia Carson and Zachary Gibson Will Be The Next King and Queen And Sarah Jeffory and Jediah Goodacre Will Be The Next King and Queen
  • Ok

    By jdb438
    This movie is fine but a lot of people say that’s its only a 30 or 20 seacons clip but it’s not You have to press the pause button on your phone ore ipad
  • 🤯

    By kyoger19
    Mind blown did not know Disney could get worse🌫🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
  • Wish I was eve

    By gwynicole
    Love it
  • I love it…

    By ♥️little Leah♥️
    So let’s get this started number 1. You should not have kids watch this and know that hades and malificent divorced 2. I love the creativity of the barrier and the isle and auradon 3. It’s really nice you used the kids if certain villains and including good people like aurora I just love it 4. I like all of the movies there just awesome! 5. Me and my little sister would know what would happen next in descendents 2 so I consider maybe adding more mystery 6. Just start making more descendants 7. I love how at the end you put good songs like descendants 2 and descendants 3 I love how you all made break this down it’s amazing 8. In many more descendants if you choose to make more add more characters like in a new descendants there should be 4 more kids who want to go to the isle 9. Have Audrey become evil again or something 10. Have Uma Harry and Celia go to Auradon some time this is very long so I hope you enjoyed to …Cast Of Descendants
  • The best movie

    By laith88i8
    I really like the movie a lotttttttr
  • Like it but...

    By Beebee123😎
    I love the songs, especially Queen of Mean, and the movie. The actors are great too but this movie is pretty much just high school musical princess version. Can't Kenny Ortega come up with something new? He already used the name Chad in High school musical. The songs were great though. A bit predictable but good. Not considering all the rap. Also where did Hades come from? He's a Greek god not a Disney character. He isn't evil either, he's just the god of the underworld. Be more creative than that! I did like the actors though. Dove Cameron has a very nice voice🎶 I loved the movie other than the predictable story line. I watched it with my sister and we knew exactly what was going to happen. We were even able to predict lines such as "Says who?" "Says me!" I gave this four stars for the music and actors. Just make it less predictable in the next movie and less like high school musical. By the way Hades and Maleficent's divorce is not a good thing to teach kids, Disney! Geez, you should know that! RIP Cameron Boyce. Jeremiah 29:11
  • Descendants 3

    By ratfatimahrat
    This is THE BEST MOVIE EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!